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Educative minigames

Learn important skills like math, language, problem solving and many more with our ever expanding library of educative games.

Original Stories

Listen to the adventures of Kiko, Snow, Pip, Grandma and Wally Wizard. Edu Play Book features over 100 original audiobook stories in 16 languages.

Become a storyteller

Record your own stories and share them with anyone. Ask grandma, grandpa or anybody else to record a story for you or record it yourself to personalize your book library.

Sleepy Night

Put your children to bed with Sleepy Night, an interactive bedtime story designed to stimulate a healthy sleep routine.

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Get to know the characters

Meet the friendly characters of the edu play book village by reading their 100+ adventures. All colourfully illustrated audio books are narrated by native speakers in 10+ languages.


Pip is always very energetic and super fun to play with.


Kiko is a happy frog always looking for new fun activities to participate in.


With his unique spells, Wally tries to make his life easier.


Grandma is very caring and lives together with Kitty and Grandpa.